Code Correlation: The Most Important Thing At Your SaaS Company

    I received my Finance MBA waaay back when, but I still remember a core concept regarding investing: Correlation.

    Investment correlation is, "In the world of finance, a statistical measure of how two securities move in relation to each other."

    The Science of Self Storage Location Optimization, Part 3

    As usual, I'd like to start with a question:

    How many storage units do you think Public Storage has in all its facilities?

    I have tried looking for this information on several occasions, and have never found it.

    The Science Of Self Storage Location Optimization, Part 2

    First, a question: How far do you think the average observable star is from Earth?

    If you are not an astronomer, this is the kind of question that might make you shrug your shoulders and respond, "I have no idea."

    But let's say I give you the distance to 100 random stars. Do you think your guess would then be pretty close by using this data? Actually it would. Despite the fact there are billions and trillions of stars, knowing the average distance to just 100 would give you an enormous amount of information about how far, on average, it is to all stars.

    The Science of Self Storage Location Optimization, Part 1

    Location Can Make Or Break Your Business

    The decision about where to locate a new business is one of the most important in determining its success or failure. The difference between a bad location and a great location can mean millions of dollars either made or lost.

    The physical location of a self storage facility is especially important. First, the initial investment in land can be enormous. Second, and possibly more important, is the dedicated nature of a storage facility.

    Capybara, Poltergeist, PhantomJS and the dreaded Capybara::Poltergeist::ObsoleteNode errors

    Just a short post for anyone who might be struggling with Capybara::Poltergeist::ObsoleteNode errors, like I was yesterday.

    Here is the scenario: I was trying to scrape a site that has a lot of javascript. I mean A Lot. In fact, when I would right click on an element and choose "Inspect Element", Developer Tools would pop up, and I could clearly see that the element I was interested in (usually a link) was clearly present. Or so I thought.

    (One possible) Future of Smartphones

    I was at Safeway this morning stocking up for New Years, and when I was walking out, I saw something odd: A kiosk that would pay you for your phone. It looked like you stuck your phone in a slot (like at the bank drive thru), and I guess you somehow got money for it.

    I didn't stop to see how it actually worked, maybe I'll do that later. But as I was walking to my car, I started thinking about how phones could be distributed via vending machines or small kiosks, like Redbox.

    GMap Macros in Drupal show "Javascript is required to view this map"

    Problem: Was pasting in the code for GMap macros into the body of Drupal content, but instead of seeing a map, it just says, "Javascript is required to view this map".

    Solution: After much fruitless searching, found that enabling GMap macro filtering on "Filtered HTML" does not work, but it does work for "Full HTML".


    Changing the GMap popup window in Drupal

    This is just a quick how-to regarding the info-window information that pops up when you use GMap & Drupal.

    The problem is the info-window was displaying zip-code, city, state on the 3rd line of the info-window. I didn't want that. I wanted the canonical city, state zip-code.

    After searching my modules folder, I found the template that controls the output of the GMap popup window is in the Location module, and the template is location.tpl.php.


    Some Drupal Fixes

    I have run into several Drupal problems recently with enough regularity, that I thought I should at least note them for my own sanity.

    1) Google maps not displaying.

    Installing RT on Digital Ocean

    I can't help but respect someone with little Perl knowledge who can successfully install RT (Request Tracker).

    I've done it a number of times, and it has NEVER gone smoothly. Not once. There are so many dependencies and my knowledge of Perl/CPAN is pretty low, and these 2 things combine to make this a perilous ("perlous"?) exercise. I am getting faster, but installing RT seems to be one of those hit-or-miss endeavors for me.


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